We set the bar high with every search we conduct to present to you a shortlist of qualified and interested candidates that fit your organization.

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Our commitment to quality and vision

At Get Headhunted Group, we strive to be a leading reference point in the recruitment and selection market. We strongly believe in delivering high-quality services and providing personal attention to every search assignment. Our goal is to present a shortlist of qualified and interested candidates who perfectly fit your organization.

We aim for maximum added value and offer excellent service to both candidates and clients. Our approach is innovative and intensive, driven by a team of passionate professionals. Unlike many other agencies that heavily rely on ATS software and collect a large number of resumes in hopes of finding the right candidate, we employ a unique approach. We operate as a "dragonfly," precise and targeted, to specifically search for the right candidates. We understand that a resume alone is not sufficient to get a complete picture of a candidate and that it is also essential for them to fit well within your company culture.

Our logo, the "dragonfly," symbolizes our expertise and effectiveness as the most successful hunter in the animal kingdom. We are ready to support your organization in attracting top talent and achieving your growth objectives.


Get Headhunted Group does not only look at a specific skillset but also whether a candidate fits within your company culture.