Key Positions

A key position is a position where someone has an important, influential rol in the middle of an organization on which other departments depend on. For example board members, C-level executives, Engineers. Although we look at these crucial positions in a broader perspective than just the top of your organization.

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Key positions / Critical positions

What do we mean by key positions?

Key positions refer to roles within the technology and industrial sectors where an individual holds a central and influential position that other departments depend on. While executive-level positions are often considered key positions, our services extend to a wider range of critical roles within your organization. These may include R&D specialists, Sales Managers, Lead Designers, highly qualified Consultants, academic technologists, RA/QA/QC specialists, Production Managers, and professionals with independent practices in the technology and industrial sectors.

The importance of retaining these talents within organizations is often underestimated by HR. Who currently occupies these positions, do they aspire for growth or are they considering leaving? Answering these questions is crucial for strengthening your organization in the technology and industrial sectors.


Get Headhunted Group does not only look at the qualities and skills but just as important does this personality fit with my organization.

Why are these positions difficult to fill?

Filling key positions is becoming increasingly challenging due to the aging of the baby boomer generation and the limited number of successors. This results in a growing number of vacancies for critical roles that companies are often unprepared for. A sudden departure of an employee can lead to panic and urgency, as finding suitable replacements is difficult, especially when it comes to attracting highly qualified professionals. HR departments are often unprepared for the vulnerability of the organization when a key position unexpectedly becomes vacant and lack answers to the impact of prolonged and challenging recruitment processes.

What is the solution?

At Get Headhunted Group, we specialize in succession planning and conducting a thorough assessment of the urgency and criticality of the situation to identify a suitable successor. Our focus lies in this specific area, which is vital for HR. Our aim is not to attract young talent, but rather to swiftly find a qualified replacement at the Medior or Senior level, ensuring the seamless continuation of your organization. We recognize the significance of finding a capable substitute who possesses the essential expertise and experience to effectively lead your organization towards success.