Key Positions

A key position is a position where someone has an important, influential rol in the middle of an organization on which other departments depend on. For example board members, C-level executives, Engineers. Although we look at these crucial positions in a broader perspective than just the top of your organization.

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Key positions / Critical positions

What do we mean by key positions?

A key position is a position where someone has an important, influential role in the middle of the organization on which other departments depend upon. When we talk about key positions people often think of board members and C-level executives however we are looking at a broader spectrum than just the top positions within the organization. It differs per company and sector which functions are crucial for other departments. Think for example about roles like R&D, Sales Managers, Lead Designers, highly qualified Consultants, Academic Technologists, RA / QA / QC, Production Managers and some Free Professions.

The importance of retaining these people within organizations is often an undervalued issue within HR. Questions like who is in those places, are their ambitions met or will they leave in due time?


Get Headhunted Group does not only look at the qualities and skills but just as important does this personality fit with my organization.

Why are these positions difficult to fill?

Due to the outflow of baby boomers from the labor market and the smaller successive generation, many key positions will become vacant. This phenomenon is something that companies and organizations often do not take into account. In many cases a sudden termination of an employee will cause slight panic and urgency. This is because there is no immediate succession to replace the employee so a direct solution is difficult when it comes to attracting highly qualified people.

HR is often not prepared for issues such as the vulnerability of the organization in the event of a sudden termination of an employee from a key position.

What is the solution?

Following up on talent and estimating how critical the situation is for the care of a successor is a field of attention for HR is exactly the cutting edge that Get Headhunted Group specializes in . Not to attract young capital but to find a quick replacement for a permanent Medior or Senior candidate to guarantee the continuity of your organization.