During a headhunt process we will be actively working on approaching potential candidates for your job opening. Often these candidates are passively looking or not available on the labor market.

We do not work according to the “Post and Pray” principle but approach potential candidates directly. Thanks to this method we are able to fill 90% of all vacancies. In exceptional cases there may be no interest in your open position or we may need more time to find the right candidate. In this case we will provide you with an extensive report with advice for adjusting the criteria if necessary.

In short: we continue where others stop and you can expect a complete package that matches your personal needs or those of your company.


We are generalists in a world of specialists with the following corporate values "personal attention" and "caring about your organization". We manage to present to you, with surgical precision, a shortlist of candidates that can fulfill the job.

We are proud to share with you our placement success per industry.

General Management 27%
Risk management 19%
Technique 15%
Sales 15%
Finance 14%
Research & Development 10%


General Management

General Manager (CEO) – Food Production (The Netherlands)
Director (CEO) – Industrial automation (The Netherlands)
Director (CEO) – mechanical engineering (The Netherlands)
Director (SME) – Logistics (The Netherlands)
Commercial Director (CCO) – Industry/Technology (The Netherlands)
Commercial Director (CCO)(SME) – Plastic (The Netherlands)
Director of Development – Technology (The Netherlands)
Technical Director (CTO) – Industry/Technology (The Netherlands)
CRO – Industry/Technology – (The Netherlands)
Human Resources Director (CHRO) – Chemistry (Benelux)
Operations Manager (COO) – Plastic (The Netherlands)
Plant Manager – Food Production – (The Netherlands)
Process and production manager – Pharmaceutical – (The Netherlands)
Service Area Manager – Industry/Technology (The Netherlands)

Research & Development

Product Engineer – Medical Equipment (The Netherlands)
Head of Development and Research – Semiconductors (Germany)
R&D Scientist – Chemistry – (The Netherlands)
R&D Engineer – Industry/Technology (The Netherlands)
R&D Engineer – Design (The Netherlands)


Concern Controller – Industry Automation (The Netherlands)
Financial Manager – Industry/Technology (The Netherlands)
Financial Manager – Venture Capital (Spain)
Controller – Logistics (The Netherlands)
Controller – Real Estate (The Netherlands)
Financial Specialist (acquisition) – Venture capital (The Netherlands)
BI specialist – Industrial Automation (The Netherlands)


Project Manager Engineering – Technology / Nutrition (The Dutch)
Project Manager Engineering – Industrial Automation (The Netherlands)
Team leader Mechanical Design – Technology (Engineering) (The Netherlands)
Mechanical Engineer – Industry – (The Netherlands)
Control Engineer PLC – Automotive (Belgium)
Mechatronics engineer – Industry/Technology (The Netherlands)
Aviation Specialist – Aviation (The Netherlands)
Service Area Manager – Industry/Technology (The Netherlands)


Sales Manager – Dairy – (France)
Sales Manager – Commercial Real Estate – (The Netherlands)
Business development manager – E-learning (Germany)
Business development manager – E-learning (The Netherlands)
Business development manager – Industry/Technology (The Netherlands)
Business development manager – Medical Devices (The Netherlands)
Accounting Manager – trade organization (The Netherlands)
Accounting Manager – trade organization (The Netherlands)

Risk Management

QHSE Manager – Nutrition (The Netherlands)
QA Manager – Plastic (The Netherlands)
QA Manager – Construction (The Netherlands)
QA Manager – Construction (The Netherlands)
Business Expert Risk – Insurance (The Netherlands)
Regulatory Affairs Specialist – Medical Devices (The Netherlands)
Regulatory Affairs Specialist – Pharmaceuticals (The Netherlands)
Regulatory Affairs Specialist – Medical Devices (The Netherlands)
QA Specialist – Food – (The Netherlands)
Design Quality Team Lead – Production (The Netherlands)