At Get Headhunted Group, we leverage our extensive industry and technical sector expertise and experience to actively engage in headhunting. We proactively approach candidates who are not actively seeking new opportunities in the job market.

Unlike the traditional "Post and Pray" approach, we directly reach out to potential candidates. This enables us to tap into a wide range of qualified professionals who may not be actively visible on job boards. Through this targeted approach, we achieve successful placements for up to 90% of our requests. In rare cases where there is limited interest in your specific position or when more time is needed to find the perfect candidate, we provide a comprehensive report with advice to potentially refine the recruitment process.

In essence, we go beyond where others stop, and you can expect a comprehensive package tailored to your specific needs or those of your organization. Our commitment extends to delivering a personalized and results-oriented approach, consistently achieving successful outcomes. With Get Headhunted Group, you can trust that your recruitment journey is in professional hands, and we will go the extra mile to find the right candidate who will enhance and strengthen your organization.


We proudly present our successful placements in various sectors. As generalists in a world of specialists, we prioritize "personal attention" and "commitment to your organization," allowing us to present a shortlist of candidates with surgical precision who are suitable for the position. Our search activities are focused on filling vacancies in diverse disciplines for different companies, organizations, and government institutions.
Your only concern now is: "does this personality fit my organization?"

Management 14%
Engineering 16%
Human Resources 9%
Sales 8%
Finance 13%
Research & Development 9%
Operations 13%



Director of Digital Transformation - Logistics - (The Netherlands)
Chief Logistics Officer (CLO) - Transportation - (The Netherlands)
Chief Data Officer (CDO) - Machine Building - (The Netherlands)
Director - Glasindustry - (Belgium)
Director of Player Experience - Gaming & Entertainment - (Belgium)
Chief Manufacturing Officer - Machine Building - (Germany)
Managing Director, Offshore Wind Energy - Maritime & Offshore Technology - (The Netherlands)
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) - Agricultural Technology (Agtech) - (The Netherlands)

Research and Development (R&D)

Technisch directeur van R&D – Halfgeleiderindustrie – (The Netherlands)
R&D Manager – Gaming & Entertainment – (The Netherlands)
R&D Director - Chemical Industry - (The Netherlands)
R&D Manager - Financial Technology (Fintech) - (The Netherlands)
Director of Electrification and Energy Systems - Automotive Engineering - (The Netherlands)
Director of Research and Product Development - Machine Construction - (The Netherlands)
Technology Manager (R&D) - Automotive Engineering - (Belgium)


Head of Financial Risk Management in the Metal Industry - Metal Industry - (The Netherlands)
Chief Financial Officer - Financial Technology (Fintech) - (Belgium)
Chief Financial Officer - Energy & Power Engineering - (The Netherlands)
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - Construction and Infrastructure - (Germany)
Chief Pricing Officer (CPO) - Plastics and Rubber Industry - (The Netherlands)
Manager of Financial Planning & Analysis - Machine Construction - (The Netherlands)
Financial Manager - Maritime & Offshore Technology - (The Netherlands)

Quality, Health, Safety en Environment (QHSE)

Quality Control Director - Defense - (The Netherlands)
Director of Quality Control (QC) - Education Technology (Edtech) - (Germany)
Director of Quality - Maritime & Offshore Technology - (The Netherlands)
Director of Quality Control (QC) - Agricultural Technology (Agtech) - (The Netherlands)
Director of Quality Assurance and Sustainability - Plastics and Rubber Industry - (The Netherlands)
Chief Product Safety Officer - Machine Construction - (The Netherlands)
QC Manager - Maritime & Offshore Technology - (Belgium)


Head of Pharmaceutical Process Engineering - Pharmaceutical Industry - (The Netherlands)
Technical Director - Agricultural Technology (Agtech) - (The Netherlands)
Engineering Manager - Machine Construction - (The Netherlands)
Engineering Manager - Textile Industry - (Belgium)
Director of Sustainable Chemical Engineering - Chemical Industry - (The Netherlands)
Manager of Automation and Robotics - Machine Construction - (The Netherlands)
Director of Marine Engineering - Maritime & Offshore Technology - (The Netherlands)
Engineering Manager - Agricultural Technology (Agtech) - (The Netherlands)


Director of Sustainable Product Development - Food Industry - (The Netherlands)
Commercial Director - Robotics - (The Netherlands)
Commercial Director - Cybersecurity - (The Netherlands)
Commercial Director - Paper and Cardboard Industry - (The Netherlands)
Commercial Director - Education Technology (Edtech) - (The Netherlands)
Director of Export Strategy - Food Industry - (Belgium)
Manager of Offshore Market Development - Maritime & Offshore Technology - (The Netherlands)
Director of Operations - Chemical Industry - (The Netherlands)

Human Resources (HR)

HR Director - Automotive Engineering - (The Netherlands)
Head of Human Resources - Healthcare Technology - (Belgium)
HR Director - Process Industry - (The Netherlands)
HR Director - Packaging Industry - (The Netherlands)
Director of Talent Acquisition and Retention - Chemical Industry - (The Netherlands)
Head of Human Resources - Machine Engineering - (The Netherlands)
Manager of Talent Acquisition and Development - Maritime & Offshore Technology - (The Netherlands)


Operations Manager - Telecommunications - (The Netherlands)
Operations Director - E-commerce & Retail Technology - (The Netherlands)
Operations Manager - Plastics and Rubber Industry - (The Netherlands)
Operations Manager - Healthcare Technology - (The Netherlands)
Chief Food Innovation Officer - Food Industry - (Belgium)
Manager of Manufacturing Operations - Machine Engineering - (The Netherlands)
Director of Operations - Packaging Industry - (Germany)