We search exclusively for you and the candidates we find are presented exclusively to you. Get Headhunted Group works as an independent contact between you and the candidates. We are not constrained to any framework contracts or preferred supplier agreements.

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Targeted Focus

Get Headhunted Group biedt professionele wervingsdiensten aan voor het succesvol invullen van vaste posities binnen diverse bedrijven en organisaties in de handels-, industrie- en technologiesectoren. Onze werkwijze kenmerkt zich door nauwgezetheid, intensieve inzet en diepgaand onderzoek naar uw specifieke sector, product en/of dienst.

Wij richten ons volledig op vacatures in het middelmanagement en hoger in de sectoren industrie en technologie. Met onze gespecialiseerde diensten vervullen we deze cruciale posities en streven we ernaar te voldoen aan de specifieke behoeften en eisen van deze doelgroep.

At Get Headhunted Group, we employ a personalized approach that places your search assignment at the forefront. We are dedicated to conducting an exclusive search for the most suitable candidates on your behalf. As an independent firm, we are not bound by fixed contracts, which grants us the flexibility to fully accommodate your specific requirements. We take the time to thoroughly understand your organization and the job specifications, enabling us to conduct targeted and efficient candidate searches that align perfectly with your organization. You can rely on our professional and committed team to present you with an exclusive selection of candidates, empowering you to make an informed choice that propels your organization forward.


Onze methode stelt ons in staat om latent zoekende kandidaten te vinden die niet actief beschikbaar zijn op de arbeidsmarkt. Door ons uitgebreide netwerk en gedegen onderzoek kunnen we exclusieve en hooggekwalificeerde professionals presenteren die perfect aansluiten bij uw specifieke vacature. Onze headhunt-methode zorgt ervoor dat we met een gerichte en proactieve benadering alleen de meest geschikte kandidaten weten te werven.

Our goal is to create the perfect match between the candidate and the position, resulting in successful recruitments at the highest level. We understand that finding the right candidate requires a strategic and proactive approach, and we are committed to attracting exceptional talents that meet your specific requirements.

Commitment and Accountability

Wij zoeken uitsluitend voor u, waarbij de kandidaten die we vinden exclusief aan u worden gepresenteerd. Als kantoor zijn we onafhankelijk en hanteren we geen exclusiviteit van de opdracht. Hoewel het beroep van headhunter niet onder een beroepsgeheim valt, hechten wij binnen onze organisatie veel waarde aan deze principes. We behandelen uw openstaande vacature met absolute discretie. Alles wat besproken wordt, blijft vertrouwelijk tussen u en ons. Hierdoor kunnen we in vertrouwen spreken over de uitdagingen van deze positie, de afdeling, het team of de situatie van uw organisatie.


Get Headhunted Group does not only look for the right skillset but equally as important whether or not a candidate fits within the companies culture.


In the initial phase, we meticulously analyze the job market within your specific sector and region. Together with you, we determine the desired specialization and required expertise of the candidate. Based on these insights, we initiate a customized recruitment process to find one or more highly qualified candidates who perfectly align with your needs.

Each candidate is treated with great care at our firm, evaluated, and assessed within our successful "four eyes" concept, where two consultants conduct the interviews. This approach ensures accurate evaluations and deep insights into the candidates. We strive for meticulous assessments to find the right match and strengthen your confidence.

We believe that a good candidate needs to be asked for, which requires a different approach than a spontaneous applicant.

Reporting and Evaluation

At Get Headhunted Group, we understand the importance of transparency and effective communication throughout the recruitment process. After the initial 4 weeks, we schedule an evaluation meeting to provide you with detailed updates on the progress. We offer valuable advice and can discuss any necessary adjustments to ensure that your expectations are accurately aligned with the available talent pool.

Our meticulous selection process assesses candidates based on technical skills, soft skills, and cultural fit with your organization. Only after they have been deemed suitable in all these areas, do we present them to you as potential candidates.

At Get Headhunted Group, we are flexible and upon request we are capable of expanding our services to other regions outside of our scope of work.You can rely on detailed reports that provide insights into the progress of the recruitment process and the quality of the selected candidates. Our close collaboration and transparent communication enable us to exceed your expectations and find the right talents that align with your organization.