Difficult to fill vacancies

A vacancy that is difficult to fill often manifests itself in a lack of interest from (qualified) applicants. This means that they often remain open for longer periods. The possible consequences of this will result in an increasing work pressure among the current staff.

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Difficult to fill vacancies

What do we mean by this?

In the current job market, employers are facing increasingly greater challenges when it comes to filling vacancies. Research shows that over 5 out of 10 companies expect finding suitable candidates to become increasingly difficult. Hard-to-fill vacancies are those positions where the number of (qualified) applicants is limited, resulting in these vacancies remaining open for extended periods of time. This leads to increased workload on existing staff and can hinder the growth and productivity of the organization. These challenges are particularly prevalent in what are known as "tight labor market" occupations, where the demand for qualified personnel exceeds the supply.

At Get Headhunted Group, we understand the complexities of filling hard-to-fill vacancies. We specifically focus on employers who, despite their efforts and commitment, are unable to find the desired candidates. We offer a comprehensive and specialized approach to successfully fill these vacancies. Our expertise, extensive networks, and innovative search methods enable us to identify and match the right candidates with your organization. We strive to place the right person in the right position, allowing your organization to thrive and succeed in a competitive job market.


Get Headhunted Group does not only look at a specific skillset but also whether a candidate fits within your company culture.

Why are they difficult?

In the near future, the growing economy and demographic changes in Europe will result in a significant labor market shortage. This will lead to an increasing number of occupations facing labor shortages, requiring employers to find increasingly creative solutions to attract qualified personnel.

Vacatures die langdurig openstaan, hebben vaak een onderliggende reden. Bij Get Headhunted Group doen we bij dergelijke vacatures eerst grondig onderzoek naar de acties die de organisatie heeft ondernomen. In dit vooronderzoek analyseren we onder andere de volgende aspecten:

  • Welke specifieke vereisten worden er gesteld in de functiebeschrijving?
  • Wat is de mate van expertise en kennis die vereist is in deze specifieke discipline of technologie binnen uw sector?
  • Hoe wordt uw organisatie gezien en gewaardeerd op de arbeidsmarkt?
  • Betreft het een essentiële en invloedrijke positie binnen uw organisatie die vertrouwen vereist?

Based on our experience, we have observed that due to this scarcity, the expectations placed on new employees are increasingly high. There is often a search for the well-known "unicorn" candidate who possesses specialization along with multiple disciplines, areas of expertise, high educational qualifications, multilingualism, leadership qualities, preferred location, or specific personality traits.

Our Approach

At Get Headhunted Group, we provide solutions for hard-to-fill vacancies through our extensive network, years of experience in the job market, and unique recruitment methods.

We continuously monitor labor market trends and adjust salary structures and other criteria that may impact the search for suitable candidates. In some cases, expanding the recruitment scope and attracting talent from outside the Netherlands may be advisable.

Furthermore, we guide you through the preparation process to onboard the right person. By discussing the candidate's preferences and ambitions in advance, we increase the chances of a successful onboarding experience. We understand that a candidate approached for a position requires a different interaction than an applicant who applies proactively.