Difficult to fill vacancies

A vacancy that is difficult to fill often manifests itself in a lack of interest from (qualified) applicants. This means that they often remain open for longer periods. The possible consequences of this will result in an increasing work pressure among the current staff.

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Difficult to fill vacancies

What do we mean by this?

5 out of in 10 companies will expect it to be increasingly challenging to find qualified candidates to fill their vacancies. Most of them are difficult to fill and often remain open for longer periods end often create an increasing work pressure among the current staff. These recruitment problems are mainly found in the so-called “shortage occupations”.

Get Headhunted Group focuses precisely on employers who, despite their enormous efforts, do not get their vacancy filled. We offer an extra extension of their recruitment process in order to get the job opening filled.


Get Headhunted Group does not only look at a specific skillset but also whether a candidate fits within your company culture.

Why are they difficult?

Due to the growing economy and demographic development in Europe, there will be an increasing shortage in the labor force in the coming years. This will automatically lead to more and more deficiency in these so-called “shortage occupations”. The role of HR Managers will be one of the most challenging jobs out there. They will have to come up with more creative solutions to get qualified staff.

Jobs that have been vacant for long periods of time often have an underlying reason. We at the Get Headhunted Group will first take a look at these vacancies and what actions have been taken by the organization. In this preliminary study we will assess topics such as;
- We want to know in detail what specifically is requested in the job description?
– What is the current level of knowledge for this discipline or technology in your industry?
– How is your organization known in the labor market?
– Does this specific job concern an important, influential position in the middle of an organization (trust)?

We note from experience that due to this scarcity, increasingly higher demands are set for new staff. The well-known “"Expect the impossible” or we are looking for a “person of many talents" where a candidate has the required specialization but preferably also supplemented with multiple disciplines, fields, education levels, multilingual, leadership, location or they must possess a certain personality.

How do we solve this?

With years of experience in the labor market and the help of our network in addition to our unique recruiting methodology, we still manage to find suitable candidates for the job opening.

We will keep you informed of our findings that we notice in the labor market. In some cases we would advise you to make certain adjustments when it comes to salary levels or other criteria that hinder the search. Sometimes the advice is to expand the recruitment area or maybe start looking outside of the Netherlands.

At the moment we have a suitable candidate we will help you to prepare for the interview. To increase the chance of a successful onboarding process we will inform you in advance about things like the salary wishes and/or ambitions that the candidate might have. We know from experience that a candidate who is asked for a position needs a very different approach than a spontaneous applicant.