Our Expertise

Today, we find your future professionals.

As a leading headhunting firm, we specialize in identifying top candidates, at C-level and middle management, for the demanding sectors of industry and technology. With in-depth industry knowledge and an extensive network, we can pinpoint highly qualified professionals who perfectly match your specific needs. Our experienced consultants understand the specific requirements and intricacies of these sectors, guiding you in finding the best talent. Rely on our flexible and innovative solutions to drive your organization to new successes.

Our Differentiator: Personalized Approach

A personalized approach lies at the core of our methodology. We understand that what works for one organization may not work for another. That's why we always begin with a personal conversation, as the foundation for a long-term relationship between your organization and our firm. Unlike recruitment agencies, executive search firms, and other headhunters who quickly submit resumes for swift placements, we strive for accurate solutions to your challenges. Whenever possible, we achieve this without unnecessary hassle, excessive advertisements, or overwhelming stacks of resumes. As an independent firm, we are not bound by rigid contracts. We conduct thorough research into your industry, product, and/or service to deliver optimal results.

While an in-person meeting often helps to better understand your vacancy and organization, we prioritize health and safety. If you prefer a Videocall,we can accommodate that. If you wish to use your own software, we adapt to your preferences.

What to Expect from Us
Naturally, you expect a headhunter to possess expertise in human resources matters. But why settle for just that? We strive to assist you with various challenges and provide solutions. Whether it's assembling a management team in the Netherlands, establishing a sales office in a European country, filling stagnant vacancies, or providing trusted advisors for your company's acquisition, we offer a comprehensive package tailored to your specific needs and those of your organization. At Get Headhunted Group, you will find exactly what you need.


Headhunting is part Art & part Science

Caring about your organization
At Get Headhunted Group, we genuinely care about your organization. We think like entrepreneurs and immerse ourselves in your business from that perspective. We understand the unique needs and challenges your organization faces. With our extensive experience and expertise, we successfully fill vacancies across various disciplines for companies, organizations, and government institutions.
Our consultants are proficient in English and German, covering the Benelux and border areas of Germany. Before taking on an assignment, we conduct a personal interview to gain a thorough understanding of your organization, product, or service. We prioritize personal attention and strive to truly comprehend what makes your organization unique.

With dedication and meticulousness, we present you with a shortlist of candidates who perfectly match the position and align with your organizational culture. We highly value finding the right personality that seamlessly integrates into your organization. You can trust us to wholeheartedly commit to the success of your organization, supporting you in achieving your goals. At Get Headhunted Group, we go beyond merely filling vacancies—we genuinely care about your organization and strive for shared success.

Trust is paramount to us. While the profession of a headhunter does not fall under professional secrecy, we adhere to the same principles within our organization. We handle your "open" vacancy with discretion. Everything discussed remains confidential between you and us. This allows us to confidentially address the pain points of this position, department, team, or your organization's situation.

Naturally, this value also extends to interested candidates who have expressed their interest in a discreet manner.

We excel at what we do and offer competitive rates.


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