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Today we will find the people you need tomorrow.

We differentiate ourselves through our personal approach.
What is good for one person is therefore not good for another and for that reason we find that a personal and serious conversation is always the basis for a good relationship between you and our office. Much of our friendly competitor recruitment agencies and executive searchers often aim for sending bulk resumes to make a quick posting. This however is not the route we walk. Get Headhunted Group wants to solve your problem without making too much noise like advertising or bulk resumes. Our boutique firm is not constrained to any contracts or off limit agreements. We work very meticulously and do research in your industry, product and/or service.

We value a physical meeting to better understand your company and map out specific factors that hold out specific candidates from applying. However your health, ours and that of your employees, always comes first so if you prefer a Videocall we can facilitate one or if you rather keep it under your own management, we will conform to your software.

What do we do for you
It goes without saying that you expect a headhunter to be able to have his say in the field of human resources. But why should you not desire more? For example, he can think alongside with you with you about solutions in creating a new management team, setup a new sales office abroad, assist in troubled vacancies or appointing confidential advisers for a company takeover. In short: you can expect a complete package that matches your personal needs or those of your company. Then you have come to the right place at Get Headhunted Group.


Headhunting is part Art & part Science

Care about your organization
We at Get Headhunted Group know how to think like entrepreneurs through experience and from that vantage point we dive into your company. We are happy to take on an assignment to look for a candidate with specific industry knowledge. Our search activities are focused on vacancies in a wide range of disciplines for different companies, organizations and government institutions. Our consultants are proficient in Dutch, English and German, with a working area in the Benelux and border areas of Germany.

Before we accept an assignment, we first want a personal interview with you to get a good picture of your organization, your product or service. We are generalists in a world of specialists, with "personal attention" and "caring for your organization" as a starting point, we manage with surgical precision to present to you a shortlist of suitable candidates. Your only concern is, "Does this personality fit in my organization".

Although the profession of Headhunter is not covered by professional secrecy, we do maintain this value within our organization. We will handle your “open” vacancy in a discreet manner. Everything discussed remains between you and us. As a result, we can speak confidentially about certain pain points of this position, the department, the team or the situation that your organization is in.

It goes without saying that this corporate value also applies to interested candidates who have made their candidacy known in a discreet manner.
We are good at what we do what we say and have competitive rates.


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